Nov 10 2007

Cat Owners PLEASE Read…

Category: Dasha&Kittens,In The MediaChrisM @ 6:28 pm

Just read a report from the BBC that is of relevance to any cat owners, if you ever treat your cat for fleas, make absolutely sure you are buying the right treatment. Anti flea drops that are suitable for dogs can contain a chemical that is highly toxic to cats, so make sure that your cat stays healthy by only buying the appropriate medication. Of course, if you are ever in some doubt over that sort of thing, you should consult your local vet.
The brands that I could find online, that use the chemical (Permethrin) are Repel Permanone, Permethrin Tick Repellent, Adams, Bio-Spot, K9-Advantix and Cutter, though other products (used as general insecticides) also contain it. I’d hate to think of any cat owner accidentally killing their cat by trying to rid it of fleas, so if you know anyone who owns cats, please do pass this information on.

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