May 29 2008

Car Rules Changing

Category: Kazakh DrivingChrisM @ 1:26 am

Kazakhstan recently tightened up car regulations. For example, the main and front side windows can no longer have tinted glass. This has led to policeman pulling over even posh looking cars, with important businessmen in the back, and instructing the chauffeur he can not continue the journey until he strips off the film. Quite what they do when they come across the odd car that actually has tinted glass, rather than just the post-factory film stuck to normal glass, I’m not sure.
It also appears that motorists must turn on their headlights at all times of day, at least on roads outside of the city. Unfortunately, there is still no sign of people being forced to wear seat belts, and many cars can be seen driving around with broken tail lights and curtains in the rear window. (To keep the temperature down. I can see the logic, but you are supposed to be aware of the traffic behind you when driving…)

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