Aug 05 2009

Car Changes

Category: Kazakh Driving,PersonalChrisM @ 11:50 pm

The last couple of years have seen quite a few changes over here in Astana. Since the police cracked down on the use of very dark tinted windows in the front of a car, you can now normally see the driver (reassuring when trying to use a pedestrian crossing, at least for me – I want him to see my moral indignation as I bounce off the bonnet :)), if not the passengers in the back. The spate of badly affixed spoilers seems to have passed, with only a few cars now sporting non-factory add ons, and those that do seem to have had a decent amount of money spent on them. The best change? Wearing seat belts (in the front at least) is no longer seen as an insult to the driver, as again the police have really gone through a couple of clamp downs on the abuse of this law. In the past, I had to explain that whilst I may well trust the driver’s abilities of the car I was in, it was all the other nutters on the road that could crash into us that scared me 🙂

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