Jun 02 2007

Calls For ShakeUp With UK Reg Plates

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:03 pm

The British police are asking for the DVLA to stop being in charge of registering UK number plates, due to a large rise in the fraudulent plates currently in use. Some cars have false plates fitted to try and bypass congestion charging fines being applied to the true owner of the plate, others are fitted so motorists can drive at high speeds, without fearing the subsequent fines and points on their license.
More organised criminals are finding cars of the same make and model as a stolen vehicle they own, then taking the plates to affix to their dodgy motor, to lend the hot car an air of respectability.
Last year, at least 40,000 plates were stolen, which was an increase of one quarter over the 2005 figures.
The police are calling for the compulsory use of tamper proof plates, though I don’t see how this will stop criminals from simply taking down the registration number, and getting new plates pressed by dodgy garages.

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