Jun 11 2008

California Dreaming

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 1:27 am

With a refreshing change from the normal bias UK media displays, the BBC published an article (based on a Radio 4 transmission of a From Our Own Correspondent program), where an unnamed journalist did some research into the Medicinal Marijuana scene in California (specifically Los Angeles).


Although there were a few ignorant stray remarks (420 being a local slang term for weed itself, the irrelevant nationality of the doctor he saw, as a couple of examples), overall it was quite informative, and interesting to read about from the point of a view of an outsider, rather than the sort of info I’ve read in the past from more deeply interested people on forums. In the end, I hope a at least a few people who were previously on the fence will read the article, and realise that whilst California’s approach is open to some abuse, it certainly seems better all round that the alternative of draconian laws and wasting police time prosecuting people participating in a victimless ‘crime’.

For a bit of further reading, check out this piece, describing an amateur home grower in Britain, and how some police forces are using thermal imaging devices to try and spot where the plant is being cultivated indoors.

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