Jul 28 2009

Calais Auto Tagger Problems?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 10:27 pm

If you use the WP Calais Auto Tagger plug-in, your site is on a server with PHP5, and cURL enabled, but no tags are returned, there may be hope. Although on other sites, both this and the auto archive tagger were working fine, here at ChrisMerriman.com, the post tagger was returning NO tags, even on long posts with a lot of viable keyword nominations.
For some reason, it turns out I need to change into Visual (as opposed to HTML) editing mode first. I can immediately swap back into HTML mode, without clicking the ‘Get Tags’ button first, and still have success, but for each post, I need to load Visual editing mode at least once.
At first I assumed the plug-in used some hook that is only loaded/parsed within (the admittedly standard and default) Visual edit mode, but on other sites this step was not necessary. So… no idea why it works, but I hope my comment on his plugin’s page, and this post, will help out someone someday and ensure they can use this plugin, and through it, Calais’s services to automatically suggest tags for the posts they are writing.

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