Jun 03 2010

Bye Bye Lost

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:39 am

We have just seen the last episode of Lost, and I don’t mind admitting I’ll be checking out a few sites later to try and understand exactly what the writers intended for us to conclude from the end of the series. I have a few ideas, and I am not quite sure which makes most sense. Does anyone know why Michael and his son (Walt?) didn’t appear in the end story in the alternate timeline/universe/imagination? As Michael was in an episode talking to Hurley a few episodes ago, I’m assuming it wasn’t a real world actor/director problem. Speaking of Hurley, does anyone know if the actor playing him has any future roles lined up? His size is obviously not likely too dramatically change over night, but if he plays the nice guy/shoulder to cry on/happy go lucky dude that he (mostly) did in Lost, he could find the range of jobs offered to him are reduced.

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