Dec 14 2009

Bum And Bogey Tweet Explained

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:47 am

OK, so I’m a little late with an explanation for the Frozen Bogey Or Dirty Bum? post, but yesterday was Sunday, and I don’t always seem to write a lot on Sundays. Anyway, something happened on Saturday night that hasn’t happened (at most more than once) since Anna was born – we realised we only had one nappy left! (We were at Ira’s parents’ house, so didn’t have a large supply to hand).
Now Anna was about to have a bath, and then head to bed, so she should have been OK until the morning, but we didn’t want to just hope she wouldn’t need a change in the night. So a dirty bum was not on the cards any more, but walking out to the shops at that time of night is a little cold. Cold enough to make sure that not only does your beard freeze up, but also nasal hairs and anything else hiding up there freezes virtually instantly (see previous posts regarding the use of the sliding scale of facial and nasal hair freezing as a thermometer).
So, Frozen Bogies or Dirty Bum was an easy choice to make as a parent, I’m just glad the first shop I got to had some nappies in the right size. (I’ve never come across a shop where they sell individual nappies before!).
Note for non UK-English speakers – nappies = dipers and bogies = boogers.

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