Apr 21 2011

Buddy Bears Brought Back!

Category: Anna's Photos,Friends,Kazakhstan,PicturesChrisM @ 8:45 am

It took a while (see here for previous mentions of them), but I can finally present a few photos taken of the Buddy Bear exhibition that was in Astana last year. DanC was back in town at the time, and so most of us managed to meet up near Baiterek and have a look around. It was a good afternoon out, though I wish Anna had already become used to her sunglasses, as she seems to hate bright sun in her eyes even more than me. This meant she probably wasn’t able to get a good look at some bears.

For more information and photos, Kazakh Nomad’s blog entries from last year are worth checking out.

Forgot to put the date from these photos – 15th May 2010