Jul 10 2008

Brown Brothers And Affinity

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 12:58 am

What is the connection between these two companies? One (Affinity) was a big ISP I used to work for back in Gloucester. Towards the end, just before the directors stripped the assets and fired everyone before the receivers arrived, tension was rising within the workforce. Employee sick leave was rising, people were beginning to complain we weren’t allowed to take cigarette breaks after 6pm, that sort of thing. At one point, management tried to tell us that we could only use the toilet at certain times of the day; those with surnames beginning with A-C could go between 8-10am, etc. etc. It wasn’t much longer after that before I was glad to have stopped working there. Anyway, how do Brown Brothers fit in with this? They are apparently automatically docking worker’s wages, (see here) depending on how long they are in the loo. As they need to remove their overalls for sanitary reasons, this can add up. Whilst the comments left after the article raise a few interesting points, I still think this sort of practice belongs in the 19th, not 21st century.

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