Aug 15 2007

Broke The $3600 Mark

Category: Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 5:45 am

In just over four months, I have now made $3621 from this blog. When you consider I have had around a week (when put together) of technical difficulties, and two weeks off from sponsored posts (when Alex was here), I don’t think that is too bad. As regular readers will remember, my main monthly target is to surpass, or at least equal, what I would be earning in a reasonably well paid office job over here in Kazakhstan. That equates to around 730 dollars, so my currently monthly average of approximately 900 dollars means I do not need to worry too much. Also, with my upcoming trip to Amsterdam, and subsequent three week stay in Britain, I probably won’t be able to blog as much anyway, be it personal or sponsored posts. So, as I have beaten the monthly target, I have a little headroom to spare whilst away.

My huge thanks to MattG for getting me into using the internet to generate some income, and could someone kick me if I forget to post a little round up of his sites soon? (I need to double check, but at least some of his sites should be listed over on my Links section, accessible via the link at the top of each page on this site).

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