Oct 08 2008

Brazilian Birds

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:08 am

Sorry for any readers expecting to find pictures of unusual hair styles on stunning woman, but this post is about lost (or at least unusually located) penguins being given a helping hand by the Brazilian Air Force. See the BBC article for full details, but it boils down to the birds travelling way off course, probably in an attempt to find new sources of food. Hats off to the BAF (OK, I admit, I have no clue what the correct acronym for Brazil’s air force is) for helping the birds, especially as they probably didn’t find relocation of aquatic wildlife in their job descriptions when they signed up for service.

Brazilian Penguin Relocation

Well I’m off to check if the BAF exists, and whether my memories of reading about penguins in South Africa is way off-course or not.

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