May 24 2009

Bouncy Chair

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Although not quite the panacea to Anna’s refusal to sleep when we were back in Britain, the bouncy chair that we were given over here is definitely very useful, we now use it at meal times so she can feel a little more included whilst we eat, and when we come in from our (very nearly) daily walks, Anna can be put in the chair whilst we collapse the pushchair, wash our hands, and generally go back into house mode 🙂
Anyway, here is a quick shot from the 24th May, showing Anna enjoying the chair. I’m hoping Irina will occasionally add to these posts with comments about Anna’s clothes, as I’m not exactly an expert on them. In general, they are pretty, and lots of them were given by lovely relatives and friends. To be honest, if Anna is comfortable in them, and they aren’t black, purple and brown pinstripes, I’m happy 🙂

Anna In Her Bouncy Chair

Anna In Her Bouncy Chair

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