Apr 17 2010

Books And Turkish Planes

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This picture was taken on the 19th of February (a couple of days before Anna’s first birthday!), when Anna decided to sort her toy box. By sorting, I mean removing most of the contents, and playing with them, before we came along and decided to put them back in. Anyway, Anna was already seemed very happy with the selection of toys that Mum and John had bought for her in advance, and her presents a few days later simply added to the things for her to press, rattle, shake, hug and investigate.
Feel free to be nosey and check out the books you can find in the living room bookcase, and the Turkish plane reference? Turkish Airlines handed out a pack of things to keep a child occupied on the last leg of our trip back home, and the plane seemed to hold Anna’s interest for a while.

Anna Sorting Her Toybox

Anna Sorting Her Toybox

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