Oct 27 2008

Bodging The Night Away

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 9:24 pm

We went out today to try and buy a few AV cables for the inlaws. They recently bought a new TV, and moved the old plasma screen into the kitchen downstairs. Ideally, I wanted a fully pinned up SCART cable, so the satellite receiver could output RGB to the new TV, a SCART to 3 RCA (Composite Video, Left & Right Audio) lead, and finally a SCART gender bender.

SCART Gender Bender

The last item was needed as the wireless Audio/Video sender has custom leads plugged into it, with only a SCART plug at the other end. As the old plasma screen has no scart socket, a gender bender would have meant I could have eventually gone from the modified 3.5mm plug at the AV wireless receiver end to 3 RCA. (Unfortunately the 3.5mm three channel plug was not of a standard length, meaning my existing lead did not carry video correctly, as the spacing between connections was non-standard). The shop we went to did not have a gender bender, nor anything with a female SCART socket involved. Back to the drawing board… In the end I looked up the pin outs for a scart plug, refreshed my mind as to which was + and which was ground on RCA (phono) plugs, and soldered/bodged a new lead.
Unfortunately I have a nagging suspicion that the extra wall the signal will now have to travel through (the old, old TV in the kitchen was sat in a cupboard away from the wall) means the quality won’t be great.

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