Jun 10 2010

Blade Runner On Thin Ice

Category: In The Media,Kazakh Driving,VideosChrisM @ 11:27 am

Irina sent me a link last week that I forgot to publish. I’ve found an accompanying video, so I suggest you watch that first…

Now, the exact details vary on the internet, depending which source you check, but whether he was on his way from or to an ice rink, driving with ice skates on has to be seen as particularly dumb. Some people said he was driving home because he realised he needed normal shoes to drive (how did he get to the rink?), others say he was trying to save time by not having to change when he got to the ice rink. In any case, driving and drinking alcohol (different countries have different laws/social norms I realise) to the point where you think that ice skates are safer than bare foot driving has to be a big no-no.

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