May 26 2007


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Blackout – Chris Ryan

I’ve actually read a number of Chris Ryan’s books, but as these reviews are only covering the books I’ve read since emigrating to Kazakhstan, this is the first time one of his has cropped up.
I got this book, and the next similar Andy McNab one, at Christmas, when I normally ask for these sorts of books. Some intellectuals have complained about these books being formulaic, and without much originality. I would not argue a great deal to be honest, but sometimes it can be nice to simply veg out when reading a book. Especially if your stomach is still busy trying to digest a few days of over feeding, as well as your liver freaking out at the Vodka & Baileys suddenly assaulting it 😉
In this book, we see an SAS soldier (Josh Harding) regain consciousness, but sadly not his memory, in a desert. The story quickly leads into three cities suffering electrical blackouts. Authorities worry it is a terrorist cell. The story follows Josh’s efforts to rediscover who he is, why he is where he is, and of course, what is behind the black outs.
OK, so hardly ground breaking in itself, but like I said, I was happy enough reading it.

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