Apr 19 2011

Birthday Meal Contd. – Videos

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 4:32 pm

As promised, I’ve got around to tracking down the videos from my YouTube account (I uploaded them all months ago, but didn’t change the title or description, meaning we had such wonderfully useful info as MOV0684.MPG present) from Korean man’s birthday party last year. The date continued to be the 6th of May 2010 🙂

Irina and Anna dancing. Followed by me being told to get back to our table and stop recording everything.

Here we have Babushka and Anna (in the garden area outside the Attila restaurant) telling Dedushka to get up as she wants to walk somewhere. Korean man also makes an appearance on the right hand side of the frame. Anna then decides that Baba should in fact carry her somewhere, but seems to get a negative response. Looking at her (Anna 🙂 ) walking in this video makes me smile, as we thought at the time she was so stable and grown up already. Compared to how she is now, it just doesn’t seem possible that the changes occurred in less than a year!

Friends of the birthday boy take to the dancefloor. I’m nowhere to be found as the BPM needs to be a tad higher (as does my BAC) before I forget that rhythm and movement aren’t friendly enough to sync up with my body…

A similar video here, but given the extra oomph one person is putting into the dancing, I’m guessing this was from a little later in the evening after a couple of toasts and shots 🙂

A saxophonist appears, and I’m guessing the first tune was a local favourite, as couples descended to the dancefloor with remarkable speed! Babushka, Dedushka and Anna all dance together.

Saxophonist continues to play (slightly hidden by a pillar) and people continue to dance… You can also see Anna’s balloon which at one point escaped to the very, very high ceiling. A kind man rescued it before Anna’s face became too disappointed 🙂

A-ha, speak of the devil, and he appears in the next video, with the saxophone still playing in the background…

A local Korean cultural centre kindly attended and performed for us, and whilst their performances may not have been as mm perfect as “professional” dancers, you could see the enjoyment they experienced from dancing in the way of the old country, and everyone seemed to enjoy watching them. Hmm, apart from one person who’ll remain nameless who doesn’t seem to be too bothered.

Finally, although it is short and the light had already gone (so the video isn’t very visual…), I’m not sure if I’ve ever managed to catch this folk(?) song being sung previously, so here we have it towards the end of the night, when people had begun to filter outside for a lovely sashliq.