May 14 2011

Birds, House And Sand

Category: Anna's VideosChrisM @ 11:52 pm

Moving into June (the 5th, in 2010 to be precise), we have a couple of clips, again on the decking in the rear garden at Chubary.
The birds reference in this post’s title? Anna has one attached to a stick that flaps it’s wings as you push it, and a little toy that plays birdsong when you press a button or flick the birds. It doesn’t seem to be working this year, despite new batteries being inserted. A bit of a shame, as it made quite pleasant background noise as you soaked up the sun (or cowered from sun burn in my case).
The house? The playhouse for Anna was now complete, with Anna seemingly very happy with her little hideaway with it’s built in bench for her. Some talented people working at Imstalkon, that is for sure.
Sand? The sandpit looks to be in place here, though I’m not certain it actually has sand in it yet. I did fear a Shameless-style scenario at one point (the one where the Youth Mayor candidate holds a beach party in the middle of Manchester), but no problems so far 🙂