Nov 04 2009

Big Trucks Mean Big Tyres

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In Kazakhstan it is that time of year once again, when hundreds of car owners go through the annual ritual of changing their car tyres from the summer variety to the winter flavour – deeper tread and with metal pins to increase traction. In Astana this is essential due to the usual 5 months (November to March) where ice is a permanent feature of the road as temperatures stay well below freezing. When the snow and ice first appear late October/early November you’re always guaranteed to see a cluster of minor accidents due to the ice before the tyres are changed.

For some vehicles however it’s rather impractical to take them down to the local ‘Shinomontage’ (tyre/wheel repair and replacement place in Russian). Luckily excavation/earth moving vehicles that are used in mining do not require this procedure, though I’m guessing they must need replacing occasionally. See for an example of one of these monster machines and then here to see a bloke standing next to one the wheels, it must be at least twice his height – “Dave I think we’re gonna need a bigger jack mate…”

Posted for a friend that created their site (I helped to optimize a few images that were slowing down the load times), though no money was involved in this post, though a glass of coke might be demanded the next time we meet 😉

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