Jun 01 2007

Big Brother Launched Today!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:12 am

Back in the UK, Channel 4 rolled out this year’s Big Brother series, with a slight twist to the normal expected routine.

This time, the house has started with just 6 contestants, and they are all women. Apparently, a man will be introduced to the house later in the week. The show kicked off with a formal apology (one of a mandated three to be aired) from the Channel 4 & Endemol team in charge of the production, for the way the Boillywood star Shilpa Shetty was mis-treated. Jade Goody was not anywhere to be soon, thankfully.

Although Channel 4 did manage to grab enough viewers to beat their normal figures for that time in the evening, until the British Soap Awards and ‘The Apprentice’ finished on other channels, they did not manage to reach 8 millions viewers.

I’m glad I am missing this year’s series – I would always start off moaning about the series, and yet by week three or four, somehow find myself caught up, watching it.

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