Aug 10 2007

BG Charity Event – Part #2

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Rather than relying on my alcohol fuzzed mind to recall the events of the evening, I actually made notes on my phone as the evening carried on, so I am hoping most of this is relatively accurate.
As I previously mentioned, we arrived and found ourselves a table. After quite a long wait, we eventually managed to order drinks and our meal. Being the incredibly adventurous soul I am, my order consisted of steak and sauce. Ira eventually decided to have the same, and we both ordered them to be medium. When the meat arrived, I am pretty sure it had stopped moving, but beyond that, it definitely seemed to be on the bloody side of rare, rather than medium, but they were tasty, so no real complaints there. Whilst the MC announced what was going on, and various videos were played, people came around selling raffle tickets; this was after all a charity event, not just a meal out. More on the prizes later. Towards the beginning of the night, there were a couple of young ballroom dancers swirling their stuff on the dance floor, though we were sat behind a column that blocked the view. Probably for the best, as the young lady did seem to distract quite a few of the men around me who did have a better view!
The British ambassador was in attendance, as was someone Irina and I had previously met at the Tex/Mex/Argentinian/Italian restaurant a few months back, who is apparently quite important within British Gas’ Kazakh arm.
Anyway, at this point I need to decipher exactly what I thought I was typing on my phone, so there will be more to come later, including Mira’s language deal with me, and her entrance to a dancing competition!

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