May 16 2007

BetShopBoy Found Me!

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:33 am

OK, first I have to admit my primary reason for noticing his e-mail was his choice of Blog names – BetShopBoy; whilst not the coolest of things to confess to, I’m a Pet Shop Boys fan, so this blog certainly got my attention quite quickly. The tag line for the site also helped – “I Thought, therefore I Blog – Random ramblings of a dot com mogul wannabe” 🙂

When you get a moment, go and check his posts out, especially if you are interested as I am in making some money from your blog. The fact that all this useful information and relevant links are collated in one place could speed up your research time, and may help you become aware of schemes nice and early, so you can jump on at ground level.

PS This ISN’T a sponsored post, I’m just happy to link to him for free 🙂