Dec 31 2009

Betas Installed, Temperatures Dropping And Fireworks

Category: Weather,WordPressChrisM @ 8:51 pm

I have just installed WordPress 2.9.1 RC (release candidate) as I want to continue scheduling posts, and it was also an opportunity to try out the WordPress Beta Tester plugin.
The database was backed up first (though the automatic e-mailing of this every three days isn’t yet working, I’ve noticed), and I’ll schedule the next post for a few minutes in advance to check if the issues I was previously encountering have been vanquished. I also need to find the information on resetting file ownerships in Windows 7, as I can now access Anna’s pictures on the portable hard drive when not at home. I’ll check our home PC via LogMeIn later. The evening draws on here, and Anna will need her bath soon. As she is still only 10 months old, we’re not planning to keep her up for the arrival of the New Year. The last day has seen the temperatures drop again – yesterday we saw it rise to -2C, almost enough to ruin snowmen, with some snow melting, however today fresh snow has fallen, and the temperatures was back towards -20C again. I’m glad it isn’t dropping really low once more, as the fireworks that many people let off past midnight each year are well worth standing in the snow for.

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