Apr 08 2009

Best Way To Slow Down A PDA?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:54 am

Try setting a 1×1 BMP as the background image, on a Windows Mobile device. That will teach me…
(Yes, I now realise a 240×320 image makes more sense, I was hoping to save some memory by having a tiled 1×1 black background, but it didn’t work too well.) Also finally got around to installing the latest Barcorama install (see previous posts or pop over to XDA Developers, or just google 🙂 ). Will have a play and report back later.
Hmmm, problems with the transparency level I set in Resco Photo viewer now not being accepted, and also 240×320 is the resolution for the whole screen, not the area the today screen actually uses for displaying a photo. If I don’t use a custom background, I’m stuck with the one embedded in the TSK file, and I want to use the colour scheme from a TSK, but not the author’s image.
Finally… a 213×320 JPG that was slightly off-black seems to have done the trick – the 240×320 BMP exhibited some strange vertical banding as a background image, don’t know if that was an original colour/dimension/filetype issue, but all seems fine now.

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