Oct 31 2009

Bears Floating

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:50 pm

There seems to be a small teddy bear having a bath in the kitchen here at the in-laws’.
Well, less of a bath, more of a “HELP. I’m trapped in a bowl under a lid, surrounded by water, and I can’t swim!”
It reminded me of a waterbed scene from one of the Nightmare on Elm St. films, and I felt the urge to give the teddy bear CPR. Not sure if it should have been a ratio of 15:2, or do small furry bears count as children? Should I not eat cheese last thing before sleep 🙂 ?
Weirdly enough, when I completed a couple of different first aid training schemes, teddy-bear specific CPR instructions were included. Perhaps I should send a suggestion to St. John’s?