Dec 10 2009

Beard Blog

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:23 am

Have I thought of a new site I could launch into a slightly niche market? No, I’ve been going through my old draft posts and found this site – The Beard Page. My first beard was born of a disliking for pointless rules. At secondary school the rules stated that boys weren’t allowed to have facial hair except for religious or medical reasons. Apart from the fact that some of the teachers had very wispy attempts at goatees, I couldn’t see a reason why we shouldn’t have one. So I grew one. Eventually the head that covered GCSE and A-Levels students called me into his office, asked me to remove the extra ear-ring (only one stud per ear allowed), and also to shave the beard off. This then became a repeating cycle (ear-ring re-insertions took minutes, beard growing somewhat longer 🙂 ), until he eventually seemed to give up and move onto other pupils who were flouting more serious rules, and seemed less stubborn over all.
Anyway, back to the site, this man grows a beard each year to stop winter from making his face too cold, and experiments with shapes when he shaves it off. The process is documented, and now other men can check out the styles, tips and discussions, without having to commit to a new shape they might not think suits them.

The internet. Think of something, there’ll be a blog of it. (A bit of a cleaned up version of Rule 34)