Aug 18 2007

BBC Prime With No EPG

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 12:08 am

I mentioned the other night that Ira and I often watch some British drama and comedy series on the BBC Prime satellite channel. Unfortunately, they do not broadcast any EPG data, at least on the HotBird satellite anyway. This means that program information is not instantly available. Although a Teletext signal is broadcast, it is a bit cumbersome in comparison. However, I recently signed up over at, and now get e-mailed each day with a program guide, with the times adjusted for where I live (GMT+6). I now know that if we want to watch EastEnders, we need to get up at (or in my case, stay up until) 6.30am! Not quite big enough fans for that, so we sometimes manage to catch the omnibus editions at the weekend.
Anyway, I’m writing this post in the hope that if other BBC Prime viewers read it, they may find the site useful, there are a couple of other features there, where you can indicate which genre most interests you, and have your schedule personalised.

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