Jun 10 2008

BBC Entertainment Working Again

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:22 am

After uploading an update for our Openbox X-800 satellite receiver, I have found the BBC Entertainment channel is once again working. Combined with the BBC Prime (which has been getting worse and worse recently for endlessly repeating the same decades old series), BBC Lifestyle and BBC Knowledge means we once again have a wide variety of UK based programs to watch. BBC CBeebies means if we have any Polish or English speaking children around, we have something other than American cartoons to offer them.
Although the channels appear to be broadcast for the Polish on the Hotbird satellites, the second audio channel is the original English soundtrack, so other than the adverts, there are no translation issues 🙂 I don’t know how long these channels will last, but it is good to see some new channels (other than the ubiquitous Italian TV shopping and Arabic adult phone lines) coming along still, especially after Multivision stopped broadcasting all their movie channels on Hotbird.

If you have an Openbox satellite receiver, in the x800 range, and have your dish pointed at the Hotbird satellites, you may want to download my file which has all the English (and non-English but still of interest) channels predefined in various ‘favourite’ groups. Click here to download the file. If you don’t already have the software, the Alsat Forum has it available in this POBEdit thread. (Also, I’ve gone through and made any channels that are strictly adult in nature locked, so should you have young children who have access to your remote control, you can set the Lock feature to ON and not worry about them seeing anything unsuitable.)

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