Jun 04 2007

BB Update #2

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:34 pm

Back to Big Brother again, sorry for the delay in passing information on, but for some reason the UK edition of the show does not seem to make the Kazakh news programs 😉

Well this year’s format has been clarified a little, as has BB’s production team desperation to keep the viewing figures from previous years. As each year comes round, they need to find a new ‘angle’ to ensure press coverage, and therefore audience numbers. We started off with a pretty ‘normal’ set of contestants, when the idea of Big Brother as a novel social experiment was enough to get people turning over to it. Then we slowly saw more ‘characters’ being introduced through the years, to the point where we now have an all-female cast, with a distant blood relative of a footballer (I think she may be the unemployed lap dancer… ha is there any more insulting term that that?) , twin nympho-wannabes, a ‘quirky’ oldee, and a Posh Spice devotee.
Last friday, they finally placed a man in the household, who will decide on should be up for nomination for eviction. Rather him than me.

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