Mar 18 2011

Bang, Crack, No Key!

Category: Kazakh Driving,PersonalChrisM @ 2:13 am

Driving our new car around Astana these past three weeks has not been as scary or involved any insurance claims so far. Taking it easy when roads have ice without recent gritting, driving properly (leaving large enough gaps should I need to brake suddenly and never braking hard or accelerating whilst traversing a bend or turning at a crossroads), and flicking the all wheel drive system to full (rather than auto) when ice and snow are abound has meant that I haven’t been tearing out what little hair nature has left me.
However, as previously tweeted, we’ve already been reversed into (followed by an attempted drive off) whilst parked, and this past week I did clip a car’s wing mirror when trying to ensure I didn’t cross a double white (unbroken) line near a junction that is infamous for policemen being stationed at and threatening huge fines and/or driving licence removal.
The car has been behaving itself so far (touch wood), with just an occasional complaint that it can no longer detect the keyless key (!?!) as being close enough. Given that the ignition doesn’t use a key, the closest place to keep them whilst driving is in a cup holder under the car stereo. Keeping them in my pockets seems to cause more alerts, so I’m just hoping that the cold is somehow effecting the distance at which the car senses the keyfob, and that when Spring arrives properly, our Suzuki will not have panic attacks thinking that someone is stealing the car!