Jul 19 2007

Bad Behaviour Log Reader

Category: Personal,WordPressChrisM @ 2:38 am

OK, this is another post mainly aimed at WordPress and Stats junkies and/or geeks.
Bad Behaviour is one of the layers of defence I use on this blog against spam. It utilizes a split in the hyper-dimensional mandelbrot string sequence to detect malicious….
OK, no, if I’m being honest, I can not actually remember how it works it’s magic, but basically known bots, and (in)famous IP ranges that spamming PCs operate from are blocked, before Akismet even starts to check the content of comments.
Anyway, I had wanted to see what, or rather who was being blocked, but this meant trawling through MySQL tables, which even in my warped mind does not equate to a great deal of fun. So, thanks to the handy Plugins Of The Day list presented at the WordPress dashboard, I have found a plug in to check the logs more easily. See my Extras page for a link to the plug in.

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