Apr 08 2011

Backups And Delayed Photos

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 3:06 am

OK, so I’m publicly committing myself to (re)starting the process of posting up Anna’s photos before my birthday. I’m 32 in just under two weeks time (if you’re in Astana and know me vaguely, make contact to get details of the drinking venue and time), and I’ve made that the deadline to get the pictures of Anna currently sat on one of the hard drives up and online. Having just had major issues with all 22 USB sockets on this machine, I also need to double check where our backups of these files go back to. I’ve recently bought a new DVD burner that is a USB device (the 3rd SATA based burner died on us, within 5 years!), and I even have a spindle of blank disks waiting!, so there are no excuses left. No English club to run this Saturday, so I’ll try and sort what I can then.