Jan 13 2011

Back To The Old Routine

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 1:21 am

OK, over the next couple of weeks this blog should be returning to some sort of normal pattern again. Whilst we were in Britain I frankly didn’t have the time to post properly. Given that it was Christmas/New Year anyway, I also assumed that a lot of my regular visitors wouldn’t be passing by anyway. I tried to keep everyone updated via camera phone pictures and videos, and as I’m aware some people don’t seem to like clicking on the post.ly and qik.ly links, I’ve just embedded the media directly into thos posts. See below if you missed the pic/clips originally. To be frank work based posts on this blog aren’t at the top of my mind right now, however there are a few due in the coming days, so don’t be surprised to see some unusual links again. Right, I’m off to go and check how many photos were uploaded to post.ly via PockeTwit, but didn’t make it into any tweets. Some were where Anna ended up looking less than full of sunshine, and I think a couple were lost when tweets failed to upload for some reason. Back soon…