Aug 29 2008

Back Home

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 7:26 pm

I arrived at the airport in the early hours of yesterday. Having been away for a month (the longest my wife and I have been apart since we got married), I have a lot of things to catch up with. I’ve cleared down all the personal e-mails already (if you are still awaiting a reply, please do resend your original message), deleted the hundreds of useless messages offering me dubious medication at cheap prices, and reconnected the portable hard drive I took with me.
Unfortunately I could only extend my return flight to a month from my leaving, meaning I’ll miss Gramps’ funeral on Monday. Our thoughts are obviously with the rest of the family back home. Before I left, Aunty Eileen sadly also passed. Once again, our condolences to everyone effected. To those friends that sent messages, thank you.
We do have some good news which I’ll go into at a later date; this happy upcoming event means Ira and I will be going back to Wales around November time!

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