Apr 15 2008

Avoid Napoli Pizzeria in Astana

Category: Eating Out,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 6:45 pm

OK, their pizzas were so delicious, we gave them three tries, but sadly, problems persisted.

Positive points? They deliver, which is quite unusual here in Astana. The pizzas are delicious

Negative points? The soft drinks have a markup of 400%! You either need an iron stomach, or some Imodium handy later that evening/the next day 🙁 Like I said, the first time I put it down to a random stomach bug, the second time I thought maybe I had had a lot to drink that evening or something, but when the 3rd time of trying their Pizza resulted in similar issues, with no alcohol that day, it was time to sadly cross them off our list.

The name on the receipt is Napoli, but the name on the pizza box, and possibly their trading name is something a little different. If Irina can remember, I’ll update this post later, but it was still very similar, with ‘Nap’ at the beginning.

Apparently Imodium is more often spelt Immodium. Anyway, I came across Alex Frankel’s Ode To Imodium here

Oh, Imodium,
Constipator of my colon,
Immobilizer of my bowel;
You make it possible
For me to leave
The house and take
A long walk in the
Countryside, without
Having to remember
To pack
Toilet roll
And a small trowel.

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