Oct 11 2009

Atyrau And Traditions Explained

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 6:27 pm

AustinGirl, someone who I recently started following on Twitter tweeted that “Not allowed to look at newborn babies for 40 days nor look at baby camels. Brings ill health. Bad luck.” (This followed on from an earlier tweet “Kazakh women don’t drink anything cold for fear their eggs will freeze. And, not allowed to look at baby camels.” I’m not entirely sure how looking at the new offspring of cattle supplies your future baby with bad vibes, or whether the not looking at baby camels thing applies to all humans, but I did reply explaining that the cold drink thing isn’t believed by everyone here, sadly most doctors here do still believe that cold temperatures will lead to you getting a cold, and that whole 40 days with a newborn wasn’t specifically avoiding looking at them, just worried about their immune system. Anyway, I hope she has a great time in Atyrau, and doesn’t mind me occasionally sending her corrections or further info 🙂