Sep 02 2007

Astana Day Concerts Videos #6

Category: Kazakhstan,VideosChrisM @ 5:07 pm

The 9th Act a the Astana Day Concert. Singing in Russian, as far as I can tell, the song was dedicated to the President (as it was his birthday) and to Astana itself. Pretty scenery from around Kazakhstan is projected on the screen behind the singer.

This act certainly woke the men up in the audience, as three women sang and swayed in their aqua blue dresses. At the same time, we had some aerial gymnastics from people suspended from a crane, with no safety net or harnesses! The singing was in Kazakh. Well, OK, I don’t know that for sure, but I can’t recognise a single word in the songs, so I am just presuming it wasn’t Russian. Happy to be corrected 🙂
If anyone can tell me exactly what I was attempting to zoom into at around the 2:40 mark, please do let me know…

Part 1 Of The 11th Act at the Astana Day Concert. Singing in English, commentary in Russian. Another act that appeared to enliven at least 50% of the audience. The three women all wore black skirts/dresses of varying styles, the knee high stockings on the 3rd lady did not do much for me personally, but each to their own…

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