Sep 05 2007

Astana Day Concerts #9

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This is it… the last four videos recorded on the evening that Astana had a concert to celebrate the President’s birthday and also that Astana became the capital of Kazakhstan almost ten years ago now.

Here we have the fireworks starting, with a message in Kazakh, and some more carnival dancing and music in the background.

The fireworks have properly started, and we also have the Rio Carnival procession finally makes its way to the stage.

Excuse the strange start to this video – I couldn’t believe it when a heavily pregnant woman stood on top of an unstable chair to take some photos, so I got a little distracted. Anyway, it leads into the 13th act with singing in both Russian And English. The track Dancing On Broken Glass has also received a fair amount of air time on the radio stations over here. The President had already left by this point. Apparently the singer is quite popular, at least amongst woman. Ira was recently on the same flight as him, coming back from Moscow, though sadly there was no gossip to report back…

The end Of the Astana Day concert, with a cameo by AlexC, testing the low ambient light setting on the camcorder.

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