Jul 08 2007

Astana Day 2007 #2

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Daytime Shot Stage Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
Here we have a shot of the stage in the daytime, to give you a better idea of how it looked on the day. In the background you can see the Presidential Palace.

VIP Area Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
That (under the yellow awning) is where the real VIPs (the President and his associates) sat for the evening festivities, though the concert itself was only accessible to those lucky enough to know someone who could get their hands on some tickets (big thanks to Ira’s Dad for sourcing them 🙂 ).

Fireworks Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
Again, the photo does not really do it justice, but there is a sample of the fireworks that were let off to celebrate the President’s birthday.

Baiterek Tower AlexC Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
The last photo from that evening, here we have a photo of Alex taking a photo of the Baiterek Tower.

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