Jul 08 2007

Astana Day 2007 #1

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Here is the first post on the evening we all spent out at a concert to celebrate the President’s birthday and also the day Kazakhstan celebrates it’s capital city, Astana. It has now been nine and a half years since it replaced Almaty as the capital city. The evening started off with a walk from the in-law’s house to the area where the Presidential palace is. Alex got her first real taste of the Kazakh system of non-queueing. Even though we were going to an area where only a few people had tickets to get into, so we could all sit and watch the concert, there was the usual crush, as dozens of people tried to get through the metal detector etc. We had a pregnant woman faint next to us, big fat blokes trying to squash everyone through a small gap between the policeman and barriers.
Anyway, enough of the typing, onto the photos…

Sky Ballet Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
This was spectacular, there were two people suspended from a crane, doing ballet type moves in time with the music. There were no harnesses or a safety net; unfortunately I missed grabbing a shot of when the woman was just holding on the man, without her own rope…

Gala Concert Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
That is a shot of the stage, with one of the bands that played that night.

Laser Show Astana Day 2007 Kazakhstan
Finally (for this post at least), we have a shot of the laser show, although the camera does not really do it justice. I hope to upload a video of some of the Concert, including the Rio carnival!

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