Aug 01 2012

Astana Based English Teachers Take Note

Category: Friends,Kazakhstan,PersonalChrisM @ 7:40 pm

A friend (who is temporarily back in Britain, watching some Olympic events, having coached the Kazakh team for one particular discipline) passed on a request (” hi Chris I have been asked about the job below and thought you might know someone? How are you? They are looking for an EFL/ESL teacher, who is a native speaker and has experience working with little (pre- school) children for a private kindergarten (here in Astana) with a salary of $4000″) for someone (a native English speaker) based in Astana, who is available to teach English to children. Although I have experience teaching kids around the age British children would be taking their GCSE exams, I think my youngest ever pupil was a very talented 9 year old whose linguistic skills made teaching English very, very easy.
This reminded me that someone else (via the Expat Blog social network) had recently sent a related message (“Hey SilentlyScreaming! (My online nickname in many locations) I was wondering if you, or someone you know would be interested in teaching English at a language center in Astana starting September 2012. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you, (name withheld) “), asking if I would be interested in teaching more lessons.

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See my previous “Seb Married And Other Australia-Related Info” post for more details, but I can not currently commit to more teaching work (unlike many primary school teachers back in the UK, who predict problems with Grammer school tests (see this article)) starting before the beginning of 2013. So, for any of the lurking blog readers who frequent this site, reading posts, but rarely if ever leaving a comment, if you want to earn some money, have experience teaching English, especially to pre-school age children, please leave a comment, send me an e-mail, or wave violently at me should you see me on the street!