Jul 30 2007

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 4:43 am

(I am not sure if this is a phrase used globally by children on a trip somewhere, but I am sure you get the idea…)
So, has anyone seen new PRs appearing amongst Google’s Data Centres yet? I am hoping this blog will stay at a PageRank of 4, wishing a 5 would arrive, and dreaming of a 6 one day 🙂
Whilst looking around, I came across the following link to easily check how well a site is ranking for a specific phrase. As an example, if I check how well www.ChrisMerriman.com is doing when people search for Astana blog, it is easy to tell the answer, as I am on the front page. However, if I use a less well ranking search phrase, I would have to go through many pages to find the answer sometimes. Although limited to ‘only’ checking the first 200 results, it still saves a lot of time. Anyway, here is the link you need, and just to let you know, this post is not sponsored, I just found the site useful, and hope others will as well.

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