Oct 08 2008

Apples For The Teacher?

Category: In The MediaChrisM @ 3:48 am

That is just so last century. Deciding to offer her tutors something a little extra, an un-named 15 year old girl in Wortley, Yorkshire, baked up some cakes with an added ingredient she neglected to mention… Peanuts or perhaps buckwheat flour? Something else that could have kicked off an allergic reaction in her teachers? No, she (wasted IMHO) added weed (well more likely it was hashish) to the dough, and got her educators stoned. Check out the article for a little more information. The fact that the staff were sent to hospital makes me think she either put a lot in the cakes, or perhaps that the adults weren’t used to the effects.

Hash Cake

OK, so that is a Christmas cake, but it looked too pretty not to use 🙂
The girl was lucky in that no charges were bought, but she was obviously suspended, and now attends a different school.

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