Jun 19 2009

Anyone Else Trying TweetDeck?

Category: PersonalChrisM @ 2:27 am

I’ve come to realise that the phone I’m currently using isn’t very good for keeping up to speed with my friend on Twitter. Although adequate for tweeting from, the small screen, dodgy keys and joystick, and slow GPRS speeds here in Astana mean I need to finally get around to using my main PC at home for checking what others are doing. Rather than spend a long time researching the various clients (using the twitter.com homepage is OK, but not exactly versatile TBH), I thought I’d just dive right in and try the first I could remember the name of. Very scientific approach, I’m sure 😉
/goes away and plays with TweetDeck a while

Hmm, OK I probably either need a wide-screen monitor, or not instinctively click to add as many columns as possible. I’m liking it a fair amount so far. The refresh counter doesn’t seem to count down automatically, and having the source/details for each bit of info at the bottom seems to throw me, I’ve already mistakenly followed the wrong person from their suggestion list a few times.

So, anyone else recommend a different client, before I get too set in my ways?

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