Sep 22 2010

Any WP System Health Users Reading This?

Category: WordPressChrisM @ 3:59 pm

Yes, another WordPress plug-in based post, but not a review this time. As you may have guessed from the post’s title, I was wondering if anyone had used the WP System Health plugin on their blog? I haven’t yet tried it out, but hoped someone might be able to say if it was worth finding some spare time to have a play with it? Am I likely to be depressed by some of the stats that will arise from using a shared hosting server, and are the configurable values important enough to ensure you’re awake and sober before investigating and testing them? I’m not worried about it not properly covering multi-site installs, as I’ve not yet delved into that side of WordPress – another project for those mystical days where I find I have a few hours spare to educate myself a little more!