Aug 18 2007

Any Interest In GPS POI For Amsterdam?

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As you may have gathered, I recently spent quite a long time collating information on Amsterdam, from which bars serve the best beer (for ChrisD), to which CoffeeShops (CSs) sell the best, ermmm, coffee (?). Anyway, part of this process involved me using the forums I previously posted about, a fair few Google searches, Google Earth and anything else I could lay my hands on to discover the exact locations of the good CSs, in terms of Latitude and Longitude. Once entered into Google Earth, I exported them as KML files, and imported them into the GPS Tuner PDA application I mentioned a while back. Now I have nearly completed this stage, would there be any interest from this blog’s readers in those files? I still need to tidy up the names, if they are to be used by other people, but I can’t be bothered, TBH, if there is no interest. So, I’ll give it a fortnight, if you would rather not publicly state your fondness of smoking, feel free to e-mail me (addresses are posted on the Contacts page, link at the top here), and I’ll not mention any names if you prefer.
At some point, I will be publishing a summary of the research, including non-smoking-related information, so don’t think this is exclusively for lovers of the green stuff.

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