May 31 2009

AntiSceptic’s Xbox – May 31 2009

Category: Xbox 360 UpdatesChris' Xbox 360 @ 8:00 pm

AntiSceptic is the best… he treats me right, I treat him right. It is a good thing we have going here. Gamer score stands at 1,010. Not too shabby! That is a boost of 230 points over last time! Another day, another milestone. The 1,000 barrier has fallen! He rallied G.R.A.W. acquiring 1 achievement, Splinter Cell D.A. picking up 1 achievement, Halo 3 gaining 1 achievement, Trivial Pursuit finishing 3 achievements, Call Of Duty 3 gaining 1 achievement, Virtua Fighter 5, and then AntiSceptic developed a funny twitch and went to try and sleep it off or something. Crazy humans…