Jul 21 2009

AntiSceptic’s Weekly Recap – Jul 20 2009

Category: Xbox 360 UpdatesChris' Xbox 360 @ 3:20 am

Watch closely because here comes the recap… if you aren’t paying attention, you might miss it: I told AntiSceptic that 6 days of playing would be ideal… so last week there was some extra effort to get us there. Good job! We added 185 points of gamerscore. Good stuff! Who knew 12 achievements could be worth that much? Ok I knew that…

Out of all the possible new games we could have tried this last week, AntiSceptic and I only tried one of them: A Kingdom for Keflings. Pretty fun I guess… Oh, and AntiSceptic seems obsessed with puzzle games lately… You can tell because Zuma was the favorite last week. He played it on 6 of the days.

So there you have it… Check back next week for another report from yours truly.