Feb 16 2008

Another Shopping Mall Opens

Category: KazakhstanChrisM @ 3:34 pm

Just a little further up Sary Arka (the street we live on) from ‘Mega’, the shopping centre that opened up a few months ago, we now have another one. This one appears not to have a supermarket in it, though it does have (another) multi-screen cinema. The thing that surprised me (thanks to Walton for pointing it out) is that both Mega, and this newer one, have a cinema from the same chain. So that within 5 minutes walking distance, we have a 6 screen and an 8 screen cinema, apparently competing with each other, but both from the same company.
Anyway, Irina popped over this afternoon to check it out with her mum, so should there be anything particular interesting about it, I’ll post further details later.

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